Is Your Child Ready For School? 4 Specialists They Should See Before The New School Year Begins


Now that school is about to start, it's time to start scheduling the exams. You know that you'll need to take your child in for their school physical. However, you might not realize that there are some other exams that your child will need before school starts. Here are four specialists that your child should see before the new school year begins.


Now that your child is heading back to school, they'll need to have an eye examination. Vision problems can develop quickly in young children, which is why your child should have their vision checked prior to the new school year. Children with vision problems may exhibit difficulties such as hyperactivity and distractibility, which are often misdiagnosed as learning disabilities such as ADHD. To help your child succeed in school, be sure to schedule a vision exam before school starts. For maximum benefit, be sure to have your child's vision tested at least once every two years now that your child is in school.


With school just around the corner, it's time to schedule a dental appointment for your child. Dental problems could have developed during the summer that will interfere with your child's school year, especially if minor dental problems turn into cavities and tooth decay. To make sure your child's teeth are ready for the new school year, take them in for their semi-annual dental exam. It's also important that you schedule an appointment with the orthodontist to check for possible orthodontic problems that will require treatment.


With the new school year fast approaching, you'll be buying your child their new school clothes, including their shoes. If your child has never had their feet examined by a podiatrist, it's time to take care of that now. A podiatrist will be able to address any potential foot problems that could interfere with your child's ability to participate in school activities. They'll also be able to help you choose the right type of footwear for your child's feet.


If your child has never had their hearing tested, you should schedule an appointment with an audiologist. Basic hearing tests that are performed in the doctor's office are good for identifying basic hearing problems. However, to make sure that your child doesn't have any undiagnosed hearing deficiencies, it's important that they have a hearing test performed by an audiologist.

Make sure your child has the best opportunity for success. Start the school year out by scheduling health exams for your child before school starts.

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15 August 2018

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