Eyestrain And Other Strange Symptoms: Are Your OTC Reading Glasses Affecting Your Eyes?


If you experience eyestrain and other symptoms whenever you read anything with small text, exchange your store bought reading glasses for something stronger. Although OTC reading glasses can help you see fine print, they might not be sufficient enough to correct your vision. Learn the effects of wearing OTC reading glasses on your eyes and what you may wear instead below.

What Should You Understand About Your Reading Glasses?

If you think over-the-counter reading glasses work just as efficiently as prescription eyeglasses do, you may be wrong. Unlike prescription-grade eyeglasses, which correct many types of vision problems, store-bought eyeglasses only magnify, or increase, the size of objects. If your vision decreases due to presbyopia, astigmatism, or another condition of the eyes, you may need to replace your over-the-counter eye glasses regularly. This could be hazardous for your vision.

Astigmatism, for example, can develops when the corneas and/or lenses of your eyes change shape. Astigmatism can eventually distort or change the shape of everything you see. The lenses in your eyeglasses should be able to correct or compensate for the changes in your eyes. However, ready-made eyeglasses might not have corrective lenses in their frames.

If you use the wrong eyeglasses for too long, you may experience eyestrain, head pain, and other disruptive symptoms. Unless you obtain eyewear that works best for your eyes, your symptoms may get worse with time.

What Should You Use Instead of OTC Reading Glasses?

Have an optometrist in your area perform a thorough vision exam on your eyes. The exam determine whether or not you have age-related vision loss, astigmatism, or something else. If your vision declined due to age, an eye doctor can prescribe you better reading glasses. 

If your vision declined because of astigmatism, you may wear corrective eyeglasses. The eyewear may feature thin lenses that protect your eyes from bright lights, distortion, and other things that aggravate your vision. The type of prescription eyeglasses available to you may depend on the optometrist you visit for services.

Once you have the right eyeglasses, make every effort to see an eye doctor for a routine exam. Routine exams help optometrists find anomalies in your eyes before they worsen. If you don't know when to see an eye doctor for an exam, reach out to an optometrist right away.

If you need an explanation for your symptoms or would like to schedule an eye exam, contact a vision specialist in your area today.


17 July 2019

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After I realized that I was going to be traveling a lot for work, I realized that I didn't want to wear my contact lenses 24/7. Instead of suffering with dry, itchy, irritated eyes, I decided that it might be best to work with an eye doctor who could help me to find a pair of frames that would look great on my face. I wanted to find glasses that were just as attractive as I was, so I started looking around. I visited a great optometry office, and the doctor helped to guide me towards glasses that were perfect for my face shape. This blog is all about finding a better pair of glasses.