Two Types Of Eye Pain Which Warrant A Trip To Your Eye Care Center


It is not uncommon to experience eye pain during your life, and luckily eye pain is not often a symptom of a serious medical condition. However, at the same time, eye pain should be acknowledged and addressed rather than ignored. But, when does eye pain become bad enough to cause concern so that it needs a trip to the eye care center? Here are two different types of eye pain which need medical assistance.

Foreign Object

When a speck of dirt, debris or other foreign object lands on the surface of your eye, it feels like a large piece of glass is stabbing it, but this is not the case. The worst thing you can do when there is a foreign object in your eye is to try to rub it away. A speck of dirt can scratch the surface and cause corneal abrasion despite being tiny in size. The irritation causes watering eyes, pain, discomfort and redness. The watery eyes are your body's defense mechanism trying to flush the foreign object away. If this does not work, try to flush it off the eye's surface using saline solution or water. Put a small amount of liquid in a little glass. Place the glass against your eye bone and tip the liquid up so it washes over the eye. If the foreign object remains, make an appointment with an eye care center as soon as possible.

Optic Nerve Inflammation

Optic nerve inflammation is a type of pain you feel inside the eye rather than on the surface of it. This nerve inflammation shows itself through the loss of vision in an eye, pain behind or around the eye, and distortion of colors when looking at anything. These symptoms may gradually increase over a week to ten days before they alert alarm bells within you. Inflammation of the optic nerve can be caused by short or long term medical illnesses, such as a viral infection or an autoimmune disease. Optic nerve inflammation is diagnosed and treated by an eye care center because the optometrist needs to look into your eye to confirm the optic nerve is inflamed.

Pain in your eye which lasts an hour or two should be noted. Once any pain in the eye becomes a regular occurrence then you must make an appointment at your local eye center to have the underlying issue diagnosed and treated so you do not experience permanent eye damage.


14 May 2020

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