Decisions To Make When Buying Geometric Glasses


When you shop for a new pair of glasses from a designer brand, there's a good chance that you'll see the term "geometric." This term is extremely popular in designer eyewear and describes certain pairs of glasses in which the frame has a number of angles around its perimeter. This is different from many frames that have a continuous curve to them. If you like the unique and stylish look of geometric frames, you'll want to make several important decisions to ensure that you get the right pair. Here are three topics to think about. 

Exact Shape

Although there are exceptions, you'll generally find that a lot of geometric glasses frames are either hexagonal or octagonal. The former is made up of six sides, while the latter has eight sides. It's ideal if you can look at hexagonal and octagonal glasses together, as this will help you to decide if one shape appeals to you more. Neither shape is inherently "better"—but you may find that one of the shapes either looks better on your face or simply feels more stylish to you.

Flat Or Curved

Another thing to think about is whether or not the geometric frames have a flat or curved look to them. If you're focusing on octagonal frames, for example, you'll see some frames that are made up of eight perfectly flat lines that meet together in small points—just like the shape of a stop sign. On other octagonal frames, each of the eight sections will be slightly curved, giving the frames more of a rounded shape. The points at which the sections meet will also appear gentler. The result is a softer overall look that some people may find suits their face better.


When you visit a designer eyewear store and seek out geometric frames for sale, you can expect to see them available in a few different materials. Metal geometric frames are common, but these frames are also available in plastic. There are advantages to both materials, and you might either want to choose glasses in the same material you currently have or change things up to create some variety. For example, if you've had plastic frames on your last few pairs of glasses, you might opt for metal geometric frames to give yourself a completely different look. Check out the geometric frames that are available at your local or online designer eyewear store.

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21 December 2022

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