Four Mistakes Contact Lens Wearers Make That Could Lead To An Infection


When contact lens wearers see pictures of people with terrible eye infections, far too many have an "it couldn't happen to me" reaction. But the truth is, it could happen to you. Improper contact lens use leads to almost a million eye infections per year, according to the CDC. Sadly, most contact wearers are making one or more mistakes that qualify as improper contact lens use. Here's a look at the mistakes you must avoid in order to truly reduce your risk of eye infections.

24 March 2016

Tips For Adjusting To New Progressive Lenses


If you've worn single-vision glasses for some time and have to make the transition to a progressive bifocal lens, you're going to be in for a bit of an adjustment. It will take you some practice to adjust to looking through the proper area of your lens for the clearest possible vision, because there are three distinct focal areas. The initial transition can come with some awkwardness due to the presence of some visual distortions in your field of vision and the direct, specific movements required.

14 March 2016