Have You Not Seen An Eye Doctor As An Adult? Get An Exam For An Eye Prescription


Once you become an adult and move out of your parents' house, you will start to take responsibility for almost everything in your life. In the past, one of your parents may have scheduled appointments with doctors, dentists, and eye professionals. It is easy to get into a habit of forgetting or procrastinating with taking care of these things on your own. If you know that your vision is not as great as it could be, you should make the commitment to getting an eye exam so that you can receive an eye prescription.

Start Off with Eyeglasses

When you first get an exam, you will want to let them know that you are interested in getting eyeglasses. If you only have slight vision impairment, they may be able to give you the full prescription. But, if you have notable vision impairment and have not been wearing glasses for a long time, they will likely want to start off at a lower strength so that you do not end up with a lot of eye stain or nauseous feelings.

Get Contact Lenses

The next step is determining whether you want to get contact lenses. It is not a requirement to improve your vision because you can go your entire life with wearing eyeglasses. But, you may prefer the idea of using contact lenses as it keeps you from having to wear glasses, which also includes maintaining them. It does require a bit of patience and practice to get used to putting them into your eyes, but you should expect it to get to a point where you are able to insert the contacts without much effort at all.

Consider LASIK

Although eyeglasses and contact lenses are perfectly suitable options for having better vision, they do not provide you with a permanent option. You have to remove eyeglasses on occasion and you need to take contact lenses out every once in a while to clean them and to make sure your eyes are healthy. But, it is possible to find a permanent solution in LASIK surgery. After you have tried out both eyeglasses and contact lenses, you may deem that it is worth looking into LASIK to see if you are a potential candidate.

Making the commitment to see an eye doctor even when you have not done so on your own will set you down a path to improving your vision and having multiple options to accomplish this goal.


28 August 2017

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After I realized that I was going to be traveling a lot for work, I realized that I didn't want to wear my contact lenses 24/7. Instead of suffering with dry, itchy, irritated eyes, I decided that it might be best to work with an eye doctor who could help me to find a pair of frames that would look great on my face. I wanted to find glasses that were just as attractive as I was, so I started looking around. I visited a great optometry office, and the doctor helped to guide me towards glasses that were perfect for my face shape. This blog is all about finding a better pair of glasses.